RockBridge Energy was formed to develop clean and flawless solar energy projects that create a win for each party involved with a “Getting Deals Done” attitude.  RockBridge was started by 4 highly experienced solar professionals and have exclusive and dedicated agents who also have deep development, finance, and municipality experience.  Combined, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry.

The goal at RockBridge is to be the “Rock” solid “Bridge” that binds the relationships between the Utility, the asset owner, the local municipality/community, the land owner, and all parties who will work on or be impacted by the solar project. Together, we have developed and influenced more than 400MW of solar projects throughout the country whether it be from the development side or the supply side.  These projects range from commercial and industrial projects, to small and large utility scale projects.

Rockbridge Energy always considers the impact on the community and environment on all decisions. We are a tactical development team, with boots on the ground, living and working in local communities.  We provide expertise throughout the entire development process from siting, design, interconnection, permitting, finance, procurement and construction.  The partners at RockBridge have established a reputation as trusted experts with utilities, asset owners and communities alike.

Or team understands that the solar energy business is still young at heart and in order to be successful in this industry, you must be willing to mobilize and develop efficiently where the market and opportunities present themselves. Therefore, we have created RockBridge, to be lean and mobile, taking our expertise where needed.