Can I host a solar project on my property?

Considerations such as land topology, wetlands, and soil conditions are very important. In addition, access to electric utility lines and substations play a critical role in assessing the viability of a solar project on your property. RockBridge Energy can perform a detailed Site Assessment to help you build a plan for solar on your property.

What is the financial benefit to build a solar project on my property?

Many solar projects are built by 3rd party investors that intend to ‘own’ the project for 15-35 years. They may want to purchase your property for the project or lease your property for the life of the project. The value that project owners place on host properties vary based on access to electric utility infrastructure and site conditions.

How long does it take to develop a solar project on my property?

Some solar projects are take less than 1 year to develop depending upon electric utility program guidelines. Often, larger projects may take 2-3 years or more to develop into constructed projects. RockBridge Energy engages landowners early in the project development process to ensure continuous
communication through the development lifecycle.

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